Why You Should Invest in Buying Bees for Your Garden

By Charles •  Updated: 04/06/23 •  8 min read

Thinking of starting up beekeeping? Before you make the commitment to buy bees and make them part of your life, you need to understand all that goes into successful beekeeping. Bees are not just a hobby – they come with responsibilities that need to be taken seriously.

To ensure you are well prepared to bring bees into your life, there are a few points to consider before you make the purchase.

Why You Should Invest in Buying Bees for Your Garden - Beekeeping 101

If you’re a gardener looking for a buzz-worthy idea to make their garden thrive, then investing in bees could be the way to go. With the help of these busy pollinators, yields can increase, flower power intensified and a stronger, more vibrant eco-system created.

This article will discuss why bees deserve a spot in your garden and the benefits they can bring. Whether you’re interested in beginner beekeeping or just need a little more buzz in your backyard, you’ll want to read on!

Table of Contents

Introduction to Beekeeping

Beekeeping is an incredibly rewarding activity that involves the careful management of a colony of bees. This practice has been in use for centuries, with beekeepers breeding bees for the production of honey and wax, as well as aiding in the pollination of crops.

Why You Should Invest in Buying Bees for Your Garden - Beekeeping 101

The main tools for beekeeping include protective clothing and a smoker, which helps to calm the bees. Beekeepers must also provide hives, which are wooden boxes with frames inside filled with wax or other material for the bees to build their combs, as well as feeders for when bees need supplemental nutrition.

Hive inspections must be done regularly in order to monitor the health of the hive and the population. Lastly, beekeepers must always be mindful of the environment and other factors such as pests, weather and activity of other animals to ensure that their bees remain healthy and productive.

Benefits of Keeping Bees

Beekeeping is an invaluable activity that provides numerous benefits. For example, bee colonies are essential as they facilitate pollination in flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Why You Should Invest in Buying Bees for Your Garden - Beekeeping 101

They also promote genetic variety and improved yield yields, making them invaluable to farmers and gardeners alike. Other benefits include the production of honey, which can be consumed or used as a natural remedy.

Bees can also keep perennial plants alive by helping them to increase their adaptive capacity. In addition, beekeeping is an excellent way to connect with nature, to understand and observe the lives of bees, to practice sustainable living, and to produce a wonderful natural product.

Supplies You Need for Beekeeping

beekeeping is an exciting hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. To get started, you need some basic supplies.

Why You Should Invest in Buying Bees for Your Garden - Beekeeping 101

Protective clothing, such as a veil or hat, will protect you from stings. A smoker is needed to help keep the bees calm while you work with them.

Additionally, you’ll need to purchase the hive, which comes with different numbers of frames; the most common are 8-frame, 10-frame, and Langstroth hives. Furthermore, to keep your frames full, you’ll need to buy either foundation or starter strips.

Lastly, insecticides and syringes are also helpful for treating common bee diseases. Thus, to get started in beekeeping, you need protective clothing, a smoker, a hive, frames, foundation, starter strips, insecticides, and syringes.

Choosing a Hive Type

Choosing the right hive for a beekeeper is an important decision. Langstroth hives are the most popular option, as this type of hive allows for easy honey harvesting, though Warre and Top-Bar hives are also increasing in popularity.

Why You Should Invest in Buying Bees for Your Garden - Beekeeping 101

For example, Warre hives are a good choice for less experienced beekeepers, as they require less maintenance than the Langstroth type. Top-Bar hives have their own benefits; these hives have open frames, which some beekeepers prefer as it allows them to monitor the health of their bees in an easier fashion.

No matter which type of hive, careful consideration should be taken to ensure the health of the bees is the primary concern, rather than ease of implementation or honey collecting.

Installing the Hive

Installing the Hive can be an intimidating task for tech novices, but for those in the know, it’s actually quite straightforward. In essence, Hive is an open source data warehouse, which enables users to analyze large datasets stored in Hadoop files.

Why You Should Invest in Buying Bees for Your Garden - Beekeeping 101

To get started, first ensure that you have the latest version of Hadoop installed. Then download the Hive binary distribution, and unpack it – this should take only a few minutes.

Next, move to the Hive /bin directory and execute the install command. Finally, simply configure the environment variables and you should have Hive up and running.

With this, you’ll be able to create databases, tables and perform queries with ease.

Establishing a Healthy Environment for the Bees

Having a healthy environment for honeybees is essential for strong and sustainable colonies. We can create a thriving habitat for our bees by planting native, pollen-rich flowering plants such as borage and lavender, providing access to clean water sources, reducing exposure to pesticides, and avoiding cutting down or burning of beehives.

Why You Should Invest in Buying Bees for Your Garden - Beekeeping 101

Additionally, we should protect our colonies by providing adequate ventilation, decreasing wind speed and protecting them from cold and inclement weather. Lastly, by creating a healthy habitat through proper care and management, we ensure that bees can support us with the important pollination services they provide.

Feeding the Bees and Collecting Honey

Bees produce honey to feed themselves, store energy, and to share with other members of the colony. Feeding the bees involves providing them with a variety of nectar sources, including flowers and non-flowering plants, as well as supplementary sugar syrup or sugar water.

Why You Should Invest in Buying Bees for Your Garden - Beekeeping 101

Collecting honey from hives is a delicate process, with beekeepers working to minimize disruption of the hive environment. A beekeeper must deftly extract the honeycombs, spinning the frames in an extractor to remove the liquid gold.

By beekeeping respectfully and consciously, beekeepers allow themselves to enjoy the rewards of collecting honey while helping to ensure this species’ essential pollination work continues.

Pest and Disease Management

Pest and disease prevention and management is a key component of achieving and maintaining a healthy garden. Through a combination of preventive methods (like crop rotation, barrier systems, and integrated pest management), as well as corrective treatments (like using chemical and biological control agents), gardeners can protect their plants from the damage that pests and diseases can cause.

Why You Should Invest in Buying Bees for Your Garden - Beekeeping 101

Being proactive is essential, as much of the damage can be difficult to correct, resulting in decreased crop yield and, in extreme circumstances, complete losses. Understanding the pests, diseases, and prevention and treatment methods to best protect plants is of utmost importance.

Attracting and Keeping Pollinators in Your Garden

Gardening can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience – especially if there are pollinators around! Attracting and keeping pollinators in your garden is an important part of successful gardening. First, you need pollinator-friendly plants – different types of flowers, herbs, and trees are great for this.

Why You Should Invest in Buying Bees for Your Garden - Beekeeping 101

To attract various types of pollinators, try to have a good mix of different plants, as well as providing a continuous supply of blooming plants from early spring to late autumn. Additionally, it is important to maintain a garden with minimal chemical use.

Organic gardening is best for keeping pollinators in your garden. Finally, to attract and retain pollinators, you should provide them with sources of food and water.

Place shallow dishes filled with sugar water around your garden and keep weeds away, as they can be attractive to some pollinators. By following these steps, you can be sure that your garden will be buzzing with pollinators in no time!

Safety when Handling Bees

It is important for beekeepers to use precautions when handling bees to ensure their safety and the safety of their hives. Protective gear, such as gloves, veil, and hat, should always be worn.

Why You Should Invest in Buying Bees for Your Garden - Beekeeping 101

Additionally, any opening of the hive should be done during the day when the bees are most active and be done slowly and calmly. When moving or working with the hives, elbows should be kept close to the body and movements should be purposeful and insecticides should never be used.

Finally, it is important to check the weather forecast to ensure it is not overly windy or too hot, as this can lead to bees flying around aggressively and seeking out pollen, thus increasing the chance of being stung.

End Note

Whether you’re a novice or veteran beekeeper, the most important thing to keep in mind is that buying bees is an investment in your future. By purchasing bees, you’re not only helping the environment and doing your part to create a healthier planet, but you’re also doing something that can bring you joy and a sense of satisfaction.

With a little bit of hard work, a lot of patience, and the right supplies, you can have a healthy and thriving colony of bees in your backyard. So go ahead and buy bees – you’re doing a service both to yourself and to the planet.